NDK Education Center | Our History
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The Need

The school came up as an initiative by Mrs. Irene Tongoi (the New Dawn Kenya Founder),and other partners to solve the challenges faced by the locals. Even though the abstinence Program was ongoing, there was demand for a school in the area.

About the school

New Dawn Educational Centre is a Community Based School located in Huruma Village between the outskirts of the affluent Runda Estate and Karura Forest. It offers secondary education as well as vocational training. Today, New Dawn Educational Centre comprises four classrooms, two science laboratories, a computer laboratory, a library, staff offices, a staffroom, school kitchen, appliances storage and a multipurpose hall.

Our Impact

New Dawn has continued to open its doors to children from backgrounds that are socially and economically disadvantaged while imposing a subsidized tuition fee that barely 40% of the parents are able to pay at any given term.

About the Local Community

The residents of this village relocated to Huruma in 1978 after having been displaced from their former settlement about 4Kms away.  The land was said to have belonged to another party that was due to take possession of it to commence development.  The residents have since lived in Huruma as a ‘squatter’ community, a term locally used for non-land owners.  Huruma Village comprises a population of about 5,000 people, a majority of whom live below the poverty line.  Until the past decade, Huruma community was known for perpetration of crime, social ills, addictions, brewing of local liquor and consequent social deviance of its populace.

Partners who supported this dream

The Founding Director of New Dawn Kenya was supported by

  • Karura Community Chapel sought local partners in Huruma Village as well as elsewhere to establish the Non-Formal Christian Educational Centre.
  • The ICCD and Catholic Churches in Huruma Village availed their sanctuaries to serve as classrooms.
  • Huruma community members gave way for construction of classrooms by surrendering small plots of land to New Dawn Kenya.
  • In 2012 The Resource Centre was constructed through the generosity of African Leadership, Kenya Library Project undertaken by 12 students from Middlebury University, led by Ken Mugo Mutothori, a founding Teacher at the Centre.